What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising system. Have you ever searched for anything on Google, if so, you would know that Google provides you with relevant companies and information relevant to your search term. Google works on a Pay per Click system, which means that should the user (Client) click on your website which Google conveniently places on the top of the search results page, you pay for that click only. Google thus increases your website’s traffic and gives you the opportunity to convert that website visitor into a paying client.

How your business can benefit from Google Ads?

Google gets searched 60,000 times per second. People do Google searches on products and services they might have a vested interest in. This makes Google a great referral partner to thousands of potential clients looking for a service or product every second. Many businesses lose out on this untapped market of clients because they simply do not understand or know what this could mean for their company’s success. A lot of businesses makes use of word of mouth to market what they do, although this is indeed a very successful method it is also very limited. With word of mouth marketing you have no control on the supply of new customers to your business as well as no method of measuring the success of the method.

Consider the following scenario where you company does not make use of Google Ads: A potential customer is looking for your product or service on Google and all your competitors already have Google Ads. Google will suggest your competitors’ websites, and the customer would click on their Ads, you would not even have had a chance to compete in winning the client.
The reason why Google Ads is so powerful is because you can always stay competitive, have an influx of new clients to your business on a monthly basis, measure the results and only pay for clicks to your website giving your company a fair chance!

What makes us so successful in managing your Ads

Research and Discovery

Before we start with your Ads we really make sure that we understand what product and service you are selling. We then investigate the best possible ways of selling it. We also have a look at the market and what your competitors do to sell similar products

We Love statistics

We analyse your accounts' performance on a weekly basis and establishes what works for your product. We use those statistics to determine where and on what product we need to focus on that makes the best profit. We build your account according to real live data.

Strategy and Campaign build

Since we have the statistics of your account available we will set up multiple campaigns to test what works best where. We believe that the more money we can help you make, the more money we will make, because you will use us again.

State of the art Dashboard and live reporting

We will provide you with an online dashboard whereby you can follow all the activity currently happening on your campaigns. You will be able to have a look at all the graphs and statistics and will be able to play around with the data.

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